The Nightfly for December 5, 2012

Dec 6th, 2012 by Nicholas Pell in Music, Personal

Some of you might know that I do a little rock show on Real Punk Radio. It’s called The Nightfly with Nicholas Pell and we have our own Facebook page and e’rythang. Sometimes I podcast it and sometimes I don’t, but last night’s show was particularly interesting. It started off as a retrospective of “second wave” hardcore (post-1986) and quickly segued into something else entirely before I got bored and watched Hell On Wheels┬áin bed.

It happens live every Wednesday night at 8PM PST. What I play varies greatly, so if you’re curious, add The Nightfly’s page, where I generally talk up whatever it is that I’m doing this week. Until then, enjoy this week’s edition of The Nightfly with Nicholas Pell on Real Punk Radio.

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