Top 8 — January 11, 2013

Jan 11th, 2013 by Nicholas Pell in Music

Here’s my top eight for the week. I listened to a lot of music this week, but it was mostly in the form of comps and demos. As such, the bottom of the expanded list is a lot of stuff I listened to three or four songs of. I went on one of my periodic downloading sprees where I end up in possession of legitimately purchase several gigs of music in the span of a few hours and then spend a week wading through it all, deciding whether or not I like it.

More music I listened to as well as thoughts about it under the cut.

A couple things:

  • I plugged through a fair amount of Big Business, though I really can’t get into much of their stuff except Here Come the Waterworks. That record is a fucking classic, though; An outstanding journey into doom and gloom that explores some of the darkest recesses of human imagination and experience boasting the creepiest lyrics of which I’m aware. (“Scream bloody murder, the mountains are listening / Vultures mistook you for dead, bloody / How can you sleep when you can’t pull the teeth from your eyes?”)
  • My favorite thing to have acquired this week is the Neat Records Singles Collection. For those not in the know, this seven-disc set compiles every last 45 released by legendary New Wave of British Heavy Metal label Neat Records. Venom, Tygers of Pan-Tang, Tank and other gnostic rock favorites appear. Definitely something you should torrent purchase through a legitimate digital music retailer.
  • Portland’s Burning Leather just fucking kick ass. I wish I were up there to see them play. Definitely have to make a visit to the land of constant rain sometime in the very near future.
  • The Sabbath is Ozzy-era Sabbath as my lovely little lady forced me to listen to the lesser Sabbath material.

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