A Vegas Wedding

Jan 22nd, 2013 by Nicholas Pell in Personal

So I got married this weekend. Not much to say about it other than that it’s awesome, I love my wife and we had a wonderful time while in Vegas. The pictures of us with Elvis (yep) will come later. For now, you’ll just have to make due with these… that you’ve probably already suffered through 50 times on Instagram or Facebook or whatever. Some of them are kind of big, but whatever, our pretty requires high res.

My cousin Ken, my lovely bride and me hanging out the night before the wedding.

No one here is drunk, I swear.

Me, Caitlin and Ken. I’m lucky to have such amazing cousins.

The blushing bride hiding before we head off to get a marriage license.

The traditional “Look, ma, we got a marriage license!” picture.

Me and the lady hanging out before crunch time.

Me and my brothers. I think they changed before the wedding.

Me and the rents.

Me and my groomsmen hanging out at a bar before the ceremony.

Presenting Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas James Pell

Mr. and Mrs. Pell x 4. Sadly, we aren’t lined up with wives.

Our hands, our rings.

Our first full day as Mr. and Mrs Pell.

More to come later. I’m on honeymoon right now, so clearly I’m engaged in more pressing matters than uploading pictures of me and the wife.

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