Coffee Tasting: Caffe Vita Organic French Roast

Jan 29th, 2013 by Nicholas Pell in Coffee

An old friend from high school was kind enough to send me three pounds of coffee in the mail. I’m giving each of these Caffee Vita roasting masterpieces a proper tasting, starting with the Organic French Roast.

Roast: Caffe Vita Organic French Roast

Brew Method: French press

Steep Time: Five minutes

Grind: Coarse

I’m not really the best person for a proper tasting. The nuances of coffee evade me, though I’m generally good at finding good pairings. In this case, I think a deep chocolate would have gone well. The acidity was low and the flavor wasn’t as overbearing as you might expect from a French roast. Rather, the flavor was much more balanced with a touch of sweetness cutting through the darkness. Also noteworthy was the lack of an aftertaste, as I fully expected this coffee to linger in my mouth for hours after drinking. No such luck.

I’d recommend this to someone who likes dark roasted coffee but wants to try something that’s more than just overwhelmingly dark. This is a great, balanced coffee roast perfect for people with palates far more refined than my own.

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