I Married a Geordie

Jan 30th, 2013 by Nicholas Pell in Personal

These are the super official images from my wedding for friends and fans alike who aren’t into the social media thing the kids seem so gaga over these days. I married a fit Geordie lass from the north of England and we got married by Elvis. A storybook wedding if there ever was one. There will probably be more pictures to come, as I’m pretty into married life and my wedding weekend was one of the best ever. Anyway, these are the ones that came direct from the chapel.

Mum walking Laura down the aisle, because we’re super traditional.

The obligatory “standing really closely together” shot.

I believe the command here was “Ok, now look into each other’s eyes.” Wasn’t hard.

An old friend of mine told me that beards and blondes look good on me.

Bigger version of the one above. Marriage should be between one man, one woman and The King.

Elvis is everywhere.

My family, her family, my friends, her friends. I love my Uncle Art’s “I have no fucks to give” look.

A week and a half into married life, I’m loving it. The wife takes good care of me. We have an awesome couch that we can lounge on while we drink and watch American Horror Story. She’s an excellent dog mother and looking at her face first thing in the morning is just about the best way I can think to start the day. Squeaky clean apartment, balanced meals every night and other stuff that it’s probably best not to blog about. Hayoo!

If you want to see our picture-a-day blog, check out Domestic Decadence over at Tumblr.

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