Coffee Tasting: Caffe Vita Sumatra Gayo River

Jan 31st, 2013 by Nicholas Pell in Coffee

Cafe Vita Sumatra Gayo River

My coffee tasting series continues with Sumatra Gayo River from Caffe Vita. Long story made short: good stuff!

Roast: Caffe Vita Sumatra Gayo River

Brew Method: French press

Steep Time: Four minutes

Grind: Coarse

As I stated in my coffee tasting post, I’m not really the go to guy for notes, but I can tell you what to pair with things. In this case, I might recommend some kind of dark berry or other fruit. Odd, as my answer to just about every pairing question is “chocolate,” “dark chocolate” or “darker chocolate.” This was a really complex coffee with all kinds of stuff going on, but one thing that I noticed was that it was full bodied without necessarily being full flavored, with a very low acidity. I doubt that I would have enjoyed this coffee nearly as much without putting it through the French press. I probably won’t be changing my morning routine any time soon — drip coffee is just too easy and I’m so not a diva about my coffee — this Sumatra from Caffe Vita has me wanting to switch over to French press in the mornings.

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