Top 8 — February 8

Feb 8th, 2013 by Nicholas Pell in Music

Another week, another metric fuck ton of music that I listened to. Top 30 along with some observations under the cut.

  • I wrote an article about Axl Rose this week, so it seemed as good a time as any to engage in one of my twice-annuals Guns N Roses binges. They never made a bad album with their original lineup and the rest of their stuff isn’t half bad, either.
  • It’s kind of amazing to me how easy it is to listen to a Doom record and have them in your top whatever. I wonder how long it will be before they’re one of my top 30 all-time bands per
  • That Speedwolf record sounds even better on black-and-white vinyl, natch.
  • For years I only listened to the Anti-Cimex EPs because someone told me that their full-lengths were “death metal.” Fucking hell, have I been missing out. Scandanavian Jawbreaker is a true unsung classic of rock and roll mayhem.
  • I continue to be amazed by how well The Hellacopters have held up after all these years.
  • If you don’t think that Motörhead sound just like Chuck Berry you fail at listening to music.
  • What can be said about Eyehategod? What needs to be?
  • Glad to see Entombed clinging to a spot in the top eight. I had overdosed on them a bit, but I gave them a listen driving back from Santa Monica to Hollywood last night and it was incredible.
  • Skitsystem and Destroyer 666 are two bands that always seem to bubble a bit under the radar, never cracking the top eight.
  • Euclid are some amazing proto-metal / hard psych from Massachusetts. You have no idea how real shit gets back in New England, but Euclid will give you an idea.
  • I love that autocorrects “Genocide SS” to Genocide Superstars.

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