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Cable Drama Has Jumped the Shark

by Nicholas Pell in Television

I’ve finally gotten around to watching Sons of Anarchy‘s fourth season. The show isn’t in the top tier of cable dramas. It’s no Breaking Bad or Mad Men¬†or Boardwalk Empire. It’s not even Weeds. Still, I feel compelled to watch the show mostly for bikes and, of course, Katey Sagal, who I’ve had a crush on since about 1989.

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Cultural Two-fer: The Twilight Zone and Rorschach

by Nicholas Pell in History, Music, Television

This Rod Serling monologue was always very powerful to me. This is fitting as “Lightning Strikes Twice” is one of the most powerful Rorschach songs. I first started listening to Rorschach in the early-to-mid ’90s, at a time when the atrocities of the Yugoslav Wars were still fresh in mind.

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