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Top 8 — 2012

by Nicholas Pell in Music

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This here is what I listened to the most in 2012 according to

Nicholas Pell Top 8 for 2012

Some brief thoughts:

  • I’ve barely listened to Be Bop Deluxe since the first half of the year, but as you can see I listened to them a lot┬áduring that first half.
  • Ditto on Roxy Music.
  • The Dead… what can I say about my newfound love for The Dead? This is one that should be a whole article at some point.
  • Steely Dan had a rally at the end of the year to earn their place in the top 8.
  • I listened to quite a bit of ELO over the last week of 2012, which put them ahead of my man Gordon Lightfoot.
  • Gordon Lightfoot is awesome, but sometimes he just puts me down in the dumps.
  • Death In June are a slow burn favorite that get listened to a lot in little bits and pieces. Other than the last couple of months, they rarely ever make my weekly top 8.
  • The Tubes are another band I listened to a ton of during the first half of the year and didn’t listen to much of during the second half. Still amazing stuff and I have everything on vinyl, so it’s probably worth a revisit.

Top 30 and some more thoughts under the cut.

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