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Top 8 — 2012

by Nicholas Pell in Music

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This here is what I listened to the most in 2012 according to

Nicholas Pell Top 8 for 2012

Some brief thoughts:

  • I’ve barely listened to Be Bop Deluxe since the first half of the year, but as you can see I listened to them a lot during that first half.
  • Ditto on Roxy Music.
  • The Dead… what can I say about my newfound love for The Dead? This is one that should be a whole article at some point.
  • Steely Dan had a rally at the end of the year to earn their place in the top 8.
  • I listened to quite a bit of ELO over the last week of 2012, which put them ahead of my man Gordon Lightfoot.
  • Gordon Lightfoot is awesome, but sometimes he just puts me down in the dumps.
  • Death In June are a slow burn favorite that get listened to a lot in little bits and pieces. Other than the last couple of months, they rarely ever make my weekly top 8.
  • The Tubes are another band I listened to a ton of during the first half of the year and didn’t listen to much of during the second half. Still amazing stuff and I have everything on vinyl, so it’s probably worth a revisit.

Top 30 and some more thoughts under the cut.

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Gordon Lightfoot as Musical Novelist

by Nicholas Pell in Music

“I can’t think of any Gordon Lightfoot song I don’t like. Everytime I hear a song of his, it’s like I wish it would last forever. ” - Bob Dylan

The term “cult” musician gets thrown around all too often. Accolades are heaped upon this or that person as “the greatest unsung whatever” of their generation. Gordon Lightfoot, an unassuming Canadian troubadour, however, isn’t just deserving of such praise, he’s severely lacking in it.

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